Conference Call


Istanbul, 26-27-28 June 2019

Main Theme

School Design and Aesthetics

We are pleased to invite you to the International School Principals Conference (ISPC2019), which is the main theme of School Design and Aesthetics, which is prepared by Leading School Principals Society.

The design features of the educational spaces are shaped as a result of the multi-faceted negotiation and interaction between different professional groups and actors, and are constantly reproduced socially. The International School Principals Conference (ISPC2019), which aims to discuss the relationship between socio-spatial dimensions of architectural design and educational processes with different experts and academicians from the fields of architecture, educational sciences, human and sociology, will be held in Istanbul on 26 – 27 – 28 June 2019.

The International School Principals Conference (ISPC2019) is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed conference aiming to offer solutions to the problems arising from the physical characteristics of educational structures and thus to improve the spatial design quality of schools. It aims to promote academic research and to intensify interdisciplinary interaction.

We invite practitioners, architects, academics from human and social sciences to study at the International School Principals Conference (ISPC2019). We would be glad to your participations.

Prof. Dr. Gülfettin Çelik, President of İstanbul Medeniyet University, Honorary Board

Levent Yazıcı, Director of Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education, Honorary Board

Prof. Dr. Selahattin Turan – Scientific Committee Co-Chairman

Prof. Dr. Khalid ARAR – Scientific Committee Co-Chairman

Doç. Dr. İbrahim Hakan Karataş – Chairman of Organization Committee